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Little Britain Challenge Cup

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A Unique and Challenging Way to Network

A real race…

At sea…

Competing against your competitors and customers…

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Do you want to be part of an exclusive property and construction industry yacht race? 

Anyone can participate and non-sailors are welcome to crew our skippered, charter boats. 


Reasons to be part of this opportunity include:

– Networking and building strong relationships over 2 days of sheer determination and endurance;

– Raising your public profile as part of a prestigious and newsworthy challenge;

– Beating your competitors;

– Producing action video content and recording a real life adventure story;

– Hosting your clients to a thrilling weekend of rapport-building sport and great entertainment;

– Attending our monthly industry networking events at the Royal Ocean Racing Club, London;

– Taking high-impact photos for your websites and blogs;

– Using the event as a team building resource;

– Raising funds for renowned charities and being part of their success.



The spin-offs from this prominent occasion are limitless. As a participant you become a partner in

our environmental and sustainability policy, where we continually strive to use resources which

reflect our ethical values.

For smaller businesses we offer complimentary enhanced marketing support, including photos and content for your websites and blogs.



To BOOK this optimum networking package for your organisation, please contact Nicola Elam 01962 711473 or email

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