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A guest blog post for First Class Sailing

I was delighted to be invited as a guest writer for a blog owned by sailing school, First Class Sailing, based in Southampton. My focus was to raise awareness of women in sailing through First Class’s links to a well-known BBC TV show from the 1980s called ‘Howards’ Way’.

Three decades on and many women have celebrated trailblazing success in the industry, but alas there is still room for growth and awareness of the sport across all demographics. First Class Sailing linked their location on the Solent – an area used as the main filming backdrop – with a particular storyline in which a young female sailor completes a triumphant solo-crossing of the Atlantic. During this era sailing was still a mystery to most inland viewers, as well as being out-of-reach economically to the majority of the population.

‘Howards’ Way’ is famous for its’ pivotal role in bringing attention to the birth of sailing in the mainstream markets. The show featured the real-life launch of  Barracuda, a 45′ vessel and the first GRP cruising boat of its’ type produced in Europe. This was the beginning of sailing for the common-man where ‘Howards’ Way’ provided relatable as well-as glamorous storylines to influence the curiosity of its’ audience.

Over time more women have taken up sailing but it still has a masculine edge and a veil of elitism that is outdated and frustratingly prevalent.

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Howards’ Way: Did That BBC TV Show Get You Into Sailing?

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